Saturday, 8 August 2009

Rotten Stinking Swine Flu

Just my luck, I contracted swine flu, which then got on my chest and made me somewhat ill. After going on a recorded voice call merry-go-round I ended up having an argument on the phone with the receptionist at my doctor's surgery who gave me one of the phone numbers I'd already called. She insisted I would get to speak to a human as it was a special number. That number, with a recorded message, listed all the numbers I had called before ringing the 'special number'. The swine flu website diagnosis had told me I had a swine flu complication and should contact my local GP (doctor) immediately and make an appointment, but the receptionist told me that I was not to go there.

Eventually my doctor called me back and said I should go to the surgery and pick up prescription for some antibiotics, to which I pointed out I was told I should not go there. He said he would mail it to me. Ten minutes later the receptionist called me and said she would FAX the prescription to my local pharmacist and I should go there and collect it. So off I trundled to the pharmacy and then found that the FAX had arrived completely black as the receptionist had sent it the wrong way around. Eventually this was cleared over the phone and I got my antibiotics.

I'm pleased to say that I am now slowly on the mend and hope to be back in action real soon. OINK OINK!!

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